Upset and Curl is a trio dedicated to performing traditional songs and tunes from Ireland and North America. The members include Danielle Enblom on fiddle and step dance, Hannah Flowers on harp and vocals, and Cory Froehlich on flute and vocals.

Danielle Enblom (Fiddle, Step Dance) As a dancer, musician, and dance historian I have studied a wide range of movement forms from around the world. While my focus and expertise largely revolves around traditional forms of percussive step dancing (see descriptions in section below), the work I do is informed by my love of and experience with other movement forms (these include ballet, modern dance, contact improvisation, lindy hop, and salsa dancing).

I was introduced to Irish music and dance at a young age. I had no clue that these traditions, which would become a significant part of my life, were closely related to the traditions of the French Canadian side of my family. My French-speaking grandmother had made a large effort to learn to speak English and assimilate to American life in her 20’s and it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that she began to recount stories of the Quebecois music and dancing that was a regular part of her childhood north of Quebec City where her parents and friends would put cornmeal on their kitchen floor and dance all night to the fiddle player playing in the corner. A scene (minus the cornmeal) that has become familiar to me in my adult life.

In childhood and adolescence I focused on competitive Irish step dancing and began learning fiddle music from local musicians and Irish sessions. I was immersed in the tradition and influenced by a thriving scene filled with well respected musicians.

Cory Froehlich (Flute, Vocals) Cory was introduced to the silver (orchestral) flute as a child, and continued study through university. Love of the instrument enticed him to explore its use in traditional music. A very capable wooden flute player in the Irish tradition, Cory’s study of both flutes allows him to explore a wide range of genres. He specializes in the adaptation of wooden flute techniques to the Boehm instrument. Cory also has a BA in Classical Vocal Performance.