You Know You’re a Professional Harpist When…

  1. Your house is overtaken by music. Sheet music. Music playing. Humming music.  So much music.
  2. You randomly find harp strings in various bags. Your purse, a tote bag you haven’t used since that one gig last year.
  3. A tuning key permanently lives in your car because of that time you were driving to a gig and remembered you forgot your tuning key and panicked! Thankfully, your former harp teacher lived on the way to the gig and you were able to knock on her door and beg a loaner tuning key from her (Thanks for saving the day, Cathy!).
  4. You constantly feel guilty about all the music you have yet to learn…
  5. …or feel guilty about the pieces you used to play but can’t anymore.
  6. It feels weird to get into your car and not bring your harp along. Really weird. Lonely really.
  7. Your harps are of more value than your car…and all your possessions combined.
  8. You worry about getting rear ended not because of the damage it would cause to your car but the destruction it would cause to your harp in the back.
  9. When people ask you what you’re doing this weekend you say “I’m going on a date with my harp” because it makes you sound like you have more of a social life than “I’ve got gigs.”
  10. Your social media feeds are full of pictures of you with your harp(s). Forget about your boyfriend.
  11. Harps are the best type of home decoration.
  12. You cry inside when people ask you “So what exactly do you do all day?” (that’s a subject for another post!)
  13. Some days tuning your harp is therapeutic and some days tuning is a torture exercise straight from hades.
  14. Want to sit on a chair? Sorry, I got rid of all but one to make room for my harps.
  15. Your fingers are constantly sore, and you have callouses to rival any trade person.  How else do you know you’re a professional harpist? Tell me below in the comments!