Six Benefits of Learning the Harp

Are you interested in learning the harp? I thought I would compile six under appreciated benefits of learning the harp at any age! 

  1. Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Harp music has been proven to lower heart rates and reduce stress, making it an ideal tool for relaxation. Playing an instrument is good for your emotional and mental health.

  1. Beautiful Music from the Start

One of the many benefits of learning to play the harp is that it sounds beautiful from the very beginning, unlike other instruments where intonation can take a while to master. Begin playing and enjoy making lovely music from the start. Even the wrong notes sound soothing and beautiful.

  1. Continued learning and growth

Playing the harp can be a challenge. A welcome challenge, but it requires a certain level of commitment. However, dedication to a new skill leads to opportunities to grow in patience, musical skills, and concentration. Gain these skills from learning a new instrument and then apply them in all areas of your life.

  1. A way to make new friends

Learning the harp is a fantastic social outlet! You’ll get to know your harp teacher and other dedicated and enthusiastic harp learners through various performance opportunities (recitals, volunteer performances, etc.). You will meet other dedicated lifelong learners through your new hobby and become friends for life!

  1. Good for your body

Playing the harp helps you build fine motor stills and coordination no matter your age. You’ll learn to move your body in new ways and your teacher will give you strategies to release tension and build coordination while playing.

  1. It will make you popular with your family and friends

Playing the harp automatically gives you a new party trick! You will be in demand to play for all your family and friends at social gatherings. Another perk is that it gives you something to make small talk about around the water cooler. People will be fascinated with your unusual and interesting hobby and will want to know more!

There you go, six benefits of learning the harp. What’s holding you back from picking up the harp as a new hobby? Feel free to reach out to Hannah through the contact form to start your harp journey, either in person or over Zoom, today!